General Information

These pages will provide you with information to help you select your course of study for 2019, and should be used in conjunction with the information available through your Academic Counsellor. 

To choose your courses you must:

  • Talk to your subject teachers, Careers Staff, Heads of Departments and your Academic Counsellor about which subject and level is best suited for you.
  • Keep your options open if you are unsure which careers you wish to pursue in the future.

Ask yourself:

  1. Do I have the ability to study this subject?
  2. Do I need pre-requisites to study this subject?
  3. Do I enjoy this subject?
  4. Is this subject going to be useful to me?

All subjects will:

  • provide you with new skills and knowledge.
  • increase your qualifications.
  • give you the opportunity to use the skills you already have.

Achievement and Unit Standards both count towards NCEA (National Certificates).

NBPre-requisites for entry to Level 2 and 3 courses are becoming increasingly important.  If you do not have the necessary pre-requisites do not assume you can do the course.

International Students MUST check with the Careers Staff about entry to Tertiary Institutions in New Zealand if that is where they are planning to study.

Voluntary Contributions for Subjects

The funding received by schools only provides for very basic level curriculum delivery. We pride ourselves on offering enhanced learning opportunities for all students.To allow this to occur we rely on voluntary contributions as outlined in the information for each course.

The voluntary contributions indicated will be added to each student's contribution summary and will be sent to parents/caregivers during Term 1 of 2019.