Subject guide for Tertiary Study

Important Information for Students Entering Year 13

Please note the following:

  • Universities have limited entry to many courses and most now use a Grade Point Average (GPA) score for entry.  Therefore, even if you have University Entrance, you may not have entry to the course you wish to take.
  • Some programmes, for example Fine Arts and Music, have additional requirements such as an audition, interview, portfolio of work or pre-requisite subjects.
  • Some commerce, medicine and engineering courses have additional academic requirements.
  • Entry to University for International Students - IELTS is not accepted, if you have studied at a New Zealand school.
  • The University Preparation course (held at some universities) is for students who have just failed to achieve University Entrance.  This course is generally for one semester and successful completion gives the student entry to any New Zealand university, but not necessarily to all courses.
  • Polytechnics and some Private Providers also offer Diploma and Degree courses and you need to be aware of their entry requirements, e.g. nursing at ARA requires you to take an English rich subject and achieve University Entrance.
  • Check with the Careers staff which subjects you should take in Year 13 for further study.

NB   Literacy Requirements for University Entrance

Literacy credits in Reading and Writing for University Entrance can be achieved from many Level 2 and 3 subjects.   Please be aware of what you need for University Entrance. Check with Mr Stewart, your Academic Counsellor and your subject teachers if you are unsure about Literacy requirements.

  • See the careers staff - Mr Stewart, Mrs Langdon and Ms Herbert
  • Read the notices and attend assemblies
  • Attend the career information visits 
  • Visit  the Careers website: http://papanui/