Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms A. Connon

Students develop and extend their ideas in a mature body of photographic art work with teacher guidance. They produce a sophisticated photographic art folio that can form the basis of their submission if they wish to apply to any art/design/photography based tertiary programme. Guidance is provided for all tertiary applications.
Photography is central to the cross-over area between Art and multi-media.

This course includes –
• Original art using Digital photography
• Basic camera and lighting skills
• Practical art skills
• Research on artists

Refer to the links below to see examples of student work.

Future Possibilities
Entry to tertiary Art, Design or Photography courses is often through folio submission representing a variety of art study in the Year 13 courses, therefore students considering studying Art and/or Design at University should enrol in two of the following Level 3 courses: Art Design, Art Photography, Art Painting, Art Printmaking or Art Sculpture. These can be taken either full year or as a semester course. See Mr Soltero for more information.


Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

$30.00 includes:
• Group resources.
• Photocopying and basic materials.
• Access to photo-studio equipment, hardware and software.
• Access to a digital camera with aperture priority mode is recommended.
Please see Mr Soltero if you require advice on purchasing one (preferably before September).
NB: Supplementary materials may be required during the year - the  amount varies between students.
Printing contribution may apply if specialist printing is selected.

Recommended Prior Learning

Maturity, enthusiasm and the ability to work independently. A Level 2 Art Photography course is strongly recommended. Students who have not successfully completed a Level 2 Art Photography course may not be able to undertake a full Level 3 Photography semester course.

Credit Information

Total Credits Available: 8 credits.
Internally Assessed Credits: 8 credits.

Internal or
L1 Literacy Credits
UE Literacy Credits
Numeracy Credits
A.S. 91452 v2
Photography 3.3 - Systematically clarify ideas using drawing informed by established photography practice
Level: 3
Internal or External: Internal
Credits: 4
Level 1 Literacy Credits: 0
University Entrance Literacy Credits: 0 *
Numeracy Credits: 0
A.S. 91447 v2
Photography 3.2 - Use drawing to demonstrate understanding of conventions appropriate to photography
Level: 3
Internal or External: Internal
Credits: 4
Level 1 Literacy Credits: 0
University Entrance Literacy Credits: 0 *
Numeracy Credits: 0
Credit Summary
Total Credits: 8
Total Level 1 Literacy Credits: 0
Total University Entrance Literacy Credits: 0
TotalNumeracy Credits: 0

Approved subject for University Entrance

Number of credits that can be used for overall endorsement: 8

Only students engaged in learning and achievement derived from Te Marautanga o Aotearoa are eligible to be awarded these subjects as part of the requirement for 14 credits in each of three subjects.