Year 10 Art - Digital Art Processes - Half Year

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms A. Connon

All Year 10 Art courses are half year courses. There are four courses to choose from. Students may choose any combination or number of courses to suit their learning needs.

Digital Art Processes
Students learn art processes through a range of activities including the use of photography, devices, photoshop, printmaking, digital drawing and reworking to develop ideas and construct images. Some cameras and/or iPads are available for the class. Students are encouraged to bring their own devices (see Ms Connon for details). Printmaking and wet media such as water colour, dye, ink and paint is used to develop and extend ideas. Where possible this course includes learning software such as Photoshop.

Samples of student work can be viewed online through the electronic course selection booklet.

The learning process in Visual Arts involves experimenting with a range of art making methods in both wet and dry media within the focus of your chosen field including discovering how and why artists develop their ideas. Students might begin with drawing and move into other media to extend ideas. The programmes are designed to be flexible so that each class will take a direction based on what is right for the group.

All Y10 Art courses lead to Year 11 Art where students have the opportunity to develop their own theme and ideas and to work with their own subject matter in a wide range of media.


Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Art contribution - $28.00 includes
• Art Pack
• Group Resources
• Photocopying and materials specific to chosen field

Students will benefit by having print credit and from having a device that can take photos and provide access to google drive. (Students who do not have such a device should have an SD memory card to store photos).

Recommended Prior Learning

Open entry but Year 9 Art recommended.